“… The Bay Radial Speaker tweeter is among the best I have ever heard and it may very well be the best in the world today. …”


Dan Foley

/ President of The Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing and Acoustics (ALMA) International
/ Published Author of the Audio Engineering Society and American Society of Mechanical Engineers
/ Technical Sales and Applications Engineering for Audio Precision
/ Former Field Applications Engineer for Brüel & Kjær and VP for Listen, Inc.

“When I heard Zoltán Bay’s new loudspeaker
it was the first time in my life that my own recording
took me back in time to the concert venue itself.
I had to wait 60 years for this experience,
I have never heard anything like it
from a loudspeaker, ever!”

Prof. Erno Sebestyén

/ Former first violin and concertmaster of Leonard Bernstein, Lorin Maazel and György Solti
/ Former Artistic Leader of the Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
/ Former first violin and concertmaster of the Deutsche Oper Berlin Orchestra
/ Former first violin and concertmaster of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
/ Former Head of Department of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich
and so on…

The decades of research and development work carried out by the founder, Zoltán Bay in the subject of radial sound projection finally brought a result in 2011: he created his own, unique radial sound projection concept, the Bay Radial Speaker (BRS).
The BRS is actually a cylindrical membrane surface capable of changing its diameter, made from a special material, which creates sound by pulsating in the direction of radiation.
This is a revolutionary new radial loudspeaker, which is protected by patent in numerous countries around the world. Its uniqueness does not only come from its radial sound projection ability, but also from its outstanding sound quality.

The BRS’s exceptional acoustic and electronic parameters make a level of sound quality available that has never been experienced before and raises High-End sound reproduction to a new level. As a result of its outstanding impulse response, the concept of holographic acoustics gains new meaning. It is capable of reproducing the spatial location and dimensions of musical instruments so that they are almost palpable. As the total surface area of the membrane used is many times that of dome tweeters, the sound energy projected is much less concentrated in a single direction. Due to this the sound field created provides a more pleasant experience for the human ear.


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We are happy to announce a unique opportunity during the High-End Munich 2017 for all professional specialists to use their own senses to experience the sound quality that the patented Bay Radial Speaker represents. We would like to invite all those involved in the profession to get acquainted with the entire BAYZ AUDIO sound system under conditions similar to when you listen to music at home in a presentation room in the Leonardo Hotel just 10 minutes from the MOC. We are able to receive groups of max. 3-4 persons at any one time, who can all listen to their own sound material brought on memory stick. You can have a drink and talk with the inventor who created this equipment.
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